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Cargo Plus Services: Balikbayan Box

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Shipping Instructions:

To secure your balikbayan box, always use packing or strapping tape. This tape is typically clear plastic and comes in 2" wide rolls. Do not use duct tape as it will separate under high temperatures. Do not use masking tape as it is only designed for light use.

Do not resize or over-stuff your box - also referred to as "Buntis". Over-stuffed boxes result in damage to their contents as boxes are loaded into the container usually stacked 4-high. Over-stuffed boxes could also result in a surcharge. Most balikbayan boxes are designed to carry a maximum weight of approximately 100 pounds. Exceeding this weight capacity can increase the risk of the box being damaging during shipment.

Always prepare a packing list. Keep a copy for yourself and also place a copy inside the box. When your loved ones open the box they can check to make sure everything you sent is indeed in the box.

We Pick Up Boxes!


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